Sunday, December 9, 2012

He Cares About the Little Things!

He cares about the little things!

Just a few days ago I was simply telling a friend how sad I was to see alllllll these satsumas going to waste on everybody's trees, when we love Satsumas, and we would love to have a tree! (i mean I want one really bad!!!!) 

So, this morning Jeremiah calls me, screaming, "moooooommmmmm, come look, hurry!" There it is, in my own backyard..... A satsuma tree (who we thought was a lemon tree!) lost in the middle of a ton of plum trees, growing it's very 1st satsuma! 

So why do I think it's such a big deal???? Well, you see.... my Father heard my heart and put that satsuma there just for me to see and know that He was thinking of me and He cares! (kat)