Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Greetings from Jadyn & Jeremiah

Family Fun!!!

Hey everbody,

Just wanted to give you the latest.....

This week is an AWESOME week for us. It is Jeremiah's Birthday!!!! Yahoooooo! He is such a blessing and pure heart! He is turning 8 years old on Sunday...if you get a chance, call and wish him Happy Birthday, he would love it! Per his request, we are going camping!!! :) Jeremiah is a great Son, a joy to hang out with and smart as a whip(kathy's side of the Family)

We are asking you to consider giving to our CD Project...We are in need of $3500 for the entire project.

if you are reading this...

dont forget...Sunday - Jeremiah Sharp Birthday!!! call 4094895924

thats Kathy's Cell...lol