Friday, September 23, 2011

HUGE Opportunities!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK everybody!!!

Here is the latest.

1. Dad mentioned to me awhile back that I needed to meet this radical biker music prison minister guy..Eddie B..I thought, "that will be a NO."

2. So I have been hosting a local call in show on the Thursday Nights. Let me remind you that I am working in Woodville Texas. (AKA WHOCARES, Texas) I have a business sponsor for that show that is a bail bonds company owned by Deanna Beam. She is a believer and after hearing that WE are trying to put out a CD...She suggested we meet Eddie B!

3. I then called Dad and told him the irony of what Deanna said...he responded, "You know Eddie is going to be in Dayton this weekend."


4. We all go out to eat with Eddie..@...IHOP..Dads treat! Awesome!

5. After talking with Eddie for a bit he says, "Pray about this, I have a state of the art studio in New Mexico(where he lives) Come out and lets record your CD at no charge!" WOOOOOOOOW!

6. There will be costs involved but he is basically opening his studio to us to HELP us get the music ready! CRAZY How God Works!

7. Costs involved: Drummer $200/Bass Player $100/ 10 days OFF $1000/ 10 days - FOOD $200/ Airfare $400/ CD Duplication and Packaging $1500 [Total Cost: $3400]

Our Vision: To go BACK into the Churches here in America to bring HOPE, JOY, Redemption and HEALING! ...for FREE and we will not be charging for the CDs. We love the Sponsorship Idea...We are looking to bring a NEW Spin on the whole "Traveling Christian Family." LOL

We believe that "Family....Works" it might be hard sometimes and you might have to fight to keep it but "It Works and Is Supposed to Work"

Please be in Prayer for us during this crazy trippy time! Oh yeah, we also have had a sydicated radio show open up to us as well.

It is an awesome thing, to watch the pieces come together! If you are interested in what we are doing please shoot me an email.

We are trying to find some unbias/objective ears to listen to what we are preparation for this CD Project. Tenatively Named: "In War and Times of Peace"


Jay & Kathy

PS - My boss worked out a deal and got me a NEW BLUERIDGE Guitar! DOUBLE WOW